Country Manager-Sales


  • Country Manager service is a perfect solution for Client’s entry into the Indian market. Enabling the client company’s products to reach the customers in India in a very effective & efficient way. Thereby, providing business to client in India ensuring consistent growth.
  • Country Manager is an Indian person having requisite qualification, relevant work experience and knowledge of Indian market conditions.
  • Country Manager will be a single point contact between client and customer.
  • Before taking a major decision to set up a legal entity in India, Country Manager is an interim solution.
  • Once the Client decides to have their own set up (legal entity) in India the Country Manager can be transferred from Business Access to Client’s payroll without any extra charges.


  • Recruitment of local expert person through joint selection process.
  • Business Access will recruit this person for a limited duration (say 12 to 24 months).
  • Country Manager will carry identity of client (business card and email id) with Business Access office as a contact address.
  • The Client will have continuous presence in Indian market without initial investment of an established company and nil waiting period.
  • Business Access monitors Country Manager and also provides necessary management support to ensure that the clients' business is set up in India.
  • Country Manager operates from Business Access office and for smooth functioning necessary administration, accounts & secretarial support is provided by Business Access.
  • High level of confidentiality will be maintained.